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Our factory at the foot of the Pennines is equipped to manufacture limited runs of radiator and cooling system hoses.

We have tools for nearly every UK and also some continental cars along with quite a few light and medium commercials from the 1930's up to the 1980's. If we do not have a former for the hose you require we may be able to make one up for you.


The basic hose is produced by an extrusion machine. Various sizes of nozzles create different diameter lengths of hose.

Typical former tools and their respective hoses are shown here. We have a substantial range to cover most applications.

The formers are held in a clamp and a suitable length of extruded hose pushed over the tool which has been prepared to prevent the rubber sticking as it cools.
Once pushed to its stop, the hose/tool is removed for final trimming to the exact length specified. Each tool has a tag on which all dimensions and its code number are engraved. There is also a stencil to mark the finished hose with its part number. The hoses are then placed on a rack to transport them through the vulcanising furnace which completes the manufacturing process.

Radiator and cooling system hoses for cars and light commercial vehicles from the 1930s to the 1990s

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